Network partners

As The Other Perspective, we work with an (international) network of experienced management consultants and coaches. As a result, we ensure a good match with you as a customer and us as a professionals at all times.

The Other Perspective has a close partnership with R&G Global Consultants.

A selection of our network partners:

Marly Teunissen

Marly is a Dutch national and native English speaker. She works as business consultant & executive (team) coach and knows how to deal with leadership issues in large organisations. In addition, she works as psychotherapist for young people in the age group of 12 to 24 years old. Marly’s approach is a strong mix of on the one hand patience & care and on the other hand vigor & speed. Working with Marly creates insights in the individual challenges, that are imminent for organisations in change with the necessary pressure. Marly holds a Master’s degree in English language & literature (MA University of Amsterdam) and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychotherapy (Nederlandse Academie Psychotherapie). She is also an Insights Discovery certified facilitator.

Dirk Verburg

Dirk is a management consultant and executive coach who is very experienced in transforming business strategies and strategic goals into tangible business results through planned, structured and inclusive change management. He specialises in culture change, project management, organisational effectiveness, competence mapping, team effectiveness & executive coaching, via partnership, a hands-on approach, using tools & methodologies in a safe environment. Dirk holds a Master’s Degree in Sociology (MSc University of Amsterdam – with distinction) and Business Administration (MBA – University of Sheffield).

Marjon Margés

Marjon is an experienced executive consultant at senior management level, specialising in business development, succession issues, executive search, career counseling and (team) assessments, HR strategy, organisational design. Her initial career was in Dutch central government. Thereafter she had a management career as international marketing executive and business line manager. Marjon studied Sociology in Business (Leiden University), International Business Management at INSEAD in Fontainebleau and is a Registered Marketing Executive (RM) at NIMA/EMCF with the highest possible European qualifications.

Eric Fleurbaay

Eric is an experienced management consultant with a background in occupational and organisational psychology and intervention science. He helps people in organisations to discover which interaction patterns are functional and which are not helpful (anymore). As soon as people see this, immediate opportunities arise to cause changes, to act structurally differently in situations. Specialisations: employee surveys, action research, change management, intervention science, appreciative inquiry and Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT).


Do you also have a different view on consultancy and coaching. And do you bring new perspectives, quality, a lot of energy and entrepreneurship? Then we are looking for you. Leave us a message or call us directly.